This email is for the Supervisor of the community of Painted Trials in Mission Viejo.

I'm a resident in Painted trails and I'm writing to you in regards to Martha our Security lady. In all my years I have never had know someone who really shines like Martha does. She is the most Caring, Honest, loyal and friendly person I know. She takes her job serious she goes out of her way to know whats going on in the community, she knows most residents by their first name and where they live.

I was walking my dog like I do every day, as I stood there I just watched as people drove by, they all waved to her, and say hello. I was really amazed of how many residents did that. In this day and age its that's rare to see. We all know how boring her job could be, but she makes the best of it, she doesn't just sit in the car looking at her phone. She is always walking around or driving the streets making her presence known as well as has a smile on her face. She really gives the community a sense of security.

I know I speak for the whole neighbor hood when I say you guys are lucky to have her as an employee, and we are grateful for all of her long hours that she does in the Painted trails community. I could go on, but you get the point. I don't know if your company recognizes good employees, but if you do she should be awarded.

Thanks for you time and Happy Hoildays

Mike Tighe and Tami Scott
62 Circle Ct M.V.
December 06, 2019

I would like to compliment Patrol Masters for the personnel sent to the Views. Had quite a few comments on how much officer Hani was liked. Johnathan was here for 1 night and he was very good. If needed again we would welcome both back.

Views of the Pacific!
September 05, 2019

Letter of Recommendation for Patrol Masters

As a mom of three children that walk to school everyday to Magnolia Elementary I wholeheartedly believe that Patrol Masters is the best company to manage our crossing guards. They believe in the consistancy and community that seeing the same faces everyday provides our children. It is the community that makes our schools so special, and the crossing guards are part of our community. They are there every morning and afternoon to greet our children and keep them safe, we even get Friday jokes! We love our crossing guards and what's even more important is that Patrol Masters care about them as well. There was recently some communication about a local crossing guard among members of the community and Linda at Patrol Masters. She handeled everything in a professional manner while explaining all sides of the situation to everyone. She answered every call and text messege in a timely manner, worked on a solution and then implemented it. I believe your community is only as strong as the people in it, and Sheila and Elaine, our crossing guards, are valued and respected members of our community keeping our children safe everyday. We highly recommend Patrol Masters to remain in charge of the crossing guards at Carlsbad Schools!

Briette Snook (Mom of Stella 9, Hannah 8, Gibson 3)
July 12, 2019

Letter of Recommendation from the respected Principal of Alamosa Park Elementary.

Alamosa Park Elementary
June 26, 2019

OMG Sammy, where do I start about Vicente?! He was AMAZING and our entire Swallows Classic Board wanted me to send you an email expressing our DELIGHT with him. Friday night he arrived ½ hour early, made his rounds introducing himself and getting familiar with our set up and expectations. When the first board members arrived about 5 a.m. on Saturday, they found him patrolling the fields in the golf cart. He provided Jeff with 2 pages of ½ hour increment notes of the evening (first time we have ever gotten anything like this – not necessary but we were impressed). Saturday Vicente arrived ONE HOUR early! He immediately got onto a cart and started patrolling and checking out the fields. He even took a couple of grandparents to their cars in the parking lot with the golf cart. Again on Sunday morning we were presented with his ½ increment notes of the evening. And we were very glad he was there! He found a homeless man trying to set up “home” for the evening and shoo’d him away. And he caught a couple of people with dogs going through our stuff with their phone lights. Exemplary service!!! PLEASE let his supervisor know what a great employee he has. As always, very happy with the service Patrol Masters provides our tournament and that you allow us to provide more money to the Region for scholarships by not raising our cost!

Sheri Harman Lee
Vicente Serrano
June 25, 2019

Good Morning,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know how pleased we have been with the quality of service and customer care we have received from Patrol Masters during the course of construction as we remodeled 814C. Granted, we front loaded each of the employees in terms of introduction, explanation of the project, and we provided the gate with a list of all contractors, their trade and their phone numbers. It is my understanding Veronica made sure the list was associated with our unit and that the employees were made aware of the list for reference.

EVERY TIME we called the front gate to inform them of an expected contractor we were treated with kindness and prompt accommodation. Sometime it would be myself, or Jeff, or our GC calling in, and often more than once a day. EACH AND EVERY TIME we were greeted kindly and when we explained the reason for the call the response was invariably, "No problem we've got it down and Have a good Day." Not once did we have a hold up at the gate or a problem with a delivery. Not once did we feel we were an imposition or bother - and we had a lot of workers coming through.

Good news and praise, appreciation and acknowledgment aren't expressed often enough, in my opinion, and I wanted you all to know how much we felt supported by the front gate as we worked to complete our project.

Best Regards,

Laurie Erickson
Huntington Landmark

Hi Sammy, Adam and Mark,

I just wanted to say that the transition is above and beyond my expectations. Everything you and Adam have said has exceeded our expectations. Mark you have been amazing. You have been instrumental in making sure the guards have everything they need and things continue to go smoothly. Above and beyond our expectations. I am so excited for the community to see and receive the amazing service from the security team they deserve. Thank you beyond words!!

Judy VanSchoiack

Mountain View Country Club

Good morning

Thank you for being so thorough. Please pass on the Patrol Officer who reported this from last night how important this is to your management Team here at Albert. If the Patrol Officer had nor reported this could have gone the entire weekend and/or be an emergency call and very costly to repair with emergency and overtime weekend expense plus the cost and needless waste of water.


David Carter, CMCA, AMS
Victoria Falls HOAAssociation Manager
Albert Management Inc.

Hi Sammy

My Board member Maryann Sanderson (Security Chairprson) wanted me to let you know that Ash (pool monitor) did a very good job while he was here for the summer and to say thanks.


Sep 6, 2018

Hi Nassar and Sammy,

Early this morning a resident crashed into the gate going out and broke both the in and out gates. Thanks to our two guards Alfredo and Victor, they got the license and id'd the resident. Then they manually opened both gates which isn't easy. After being up all night on graveyard, they did a great job, quick thinking and so helpful, we were able to avoid problems with everyone going off to work in the morning. Thanks from MacARthur Village to Alfredo, Victor and Patrol Masters. I've informed the President. Thanks for everything you guys do.

kathy Richardson  

Apr 19, 2018

It has been a pleasure working along side of you, I have learned a lot. Your staff has always been respectful and kind. Even if my top was ready to blow, your staff always were there to help. Now all your staff is good. However, I would like to specifically recognize; Omar. Since the first day I worked with him, I showed him around and discussed the way I would like things done. By the way, it was 1:30 am and he never yawned once (haha). Now that's whatcha call a dedicated employee. Sammy, Melissa and Ashley are your true customer service backbone. Quite a few times I've leaned on these ladies. If they didn't know the answers they would ask around to see if anyone did have an answer(it was very rare they didn't know the answers.) Seriously, Patrol Masters THANK YOU. Please feel free to use as a reference.

Margot Ramirez  

Jan 18, 2018

Subject: Pan American Team, Testimonial

Hi Peter, I wanted to reach out from the Pan American Team, especially Rick, Carl and I, to say thank you for Ken’s assistance yesterday and today! He is awesome and we firmly believe that his presence helped keep the situation calm and in control. Because of this experience we are reconsidering our termination procedures and going forward any difficult termination we would like to request Ken come in (hopefully it will be few and far between that these terminations happen). Thank you again for your help! We really appreciate it!


Pan American Team
Oct 4, 2017

Subject: Cypress Village Pool Security Guard, Ed Maree

I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude for the excellent job that Ed Maree provides the Cypress Village. He is so respectful and kind to all the members of our association. Not only is he responsible for enforcing the rules of the pool, the safety of all the members is his first priority. He makes sure the younger children are safe and their parents are monitoring their younger children, especially in the pools and saunas. We are so lucky to have someone like Ed. He is the best security guard we have ever had. I never see any problems at the pool like we have had in the past. That is because he is always watching and never hesitates to advise members of the rules. He is never overbearing or demanding, but he knows how to handle any situation with respect and authority, as needed. I just want to commend Mr. Maree for his service and kindness. Thank you, if you need to contact me for any reason, please do not hesitate to call me.

Lorna Lundquist  

Cypress Village
June 19, 2017

Patrol masters has been incredible in their services. Their fleet is far superior than the other company we used in past. Fleet is impressive and shows its presence. One time I had to bring a problem to the patrol guard and he took care of that asap. Really appreciate Patrol Masters services and making us feel secure. I am a happy resident having Patrol masters and Gate masters by our side.


May 15, 2017

Hi Louie,
I just wanted to let you know Patrol Officer Michael D. does a fabulous job with his daily reports and writing of tickets. His reports are thorough and by far writes the most tickets. If there is any way we can have him be our permanent Patrol Officer, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve never met him but let him know he does a great job!!!


Feb 28, 2017

I agree. Patrol Master has done a great job.  It is not only for WCHOA, for all clients.

Thanks to Patrol Master for the Business. 

Board Member – WC HOA
Jan 09, 2017

You guys were great the Board was pleased. See you at the pool next year!

From: Louie Kim
Thank you Charity J
I hope all went as expected for the 2016 Summer J
Please let me know if there is anything I can assist with

Please note: Pool Monitors last day is Friday.

Charity Okonkwo | Community Association Manager
The Management Trust

Patrol Masters / Officer: Jerry

I just wanted to say that I really appreciated Jerry's service last Thursday night 9/15/16. We had a homeless guy in our community and Jerry came quickly and walked all the areas with me. He did a great job and told me he would come back immediately if I saw him again.

You did a truly outstanding job in hiring a man of such caliber, he is someone you NEVER want to lose!!

Thank you,
Lois Williams
BOD - Saratoga

July 7, 2016

Seaside Village July 4 Coverage

Let me begin by simply saying guard performance was truly EXCEPTIONAL. The men assigned were outstanding. Your man at the rear gate, one of your supervisors, really knew his business and the guy at the front gate, Able, was nothing short of outstanding. I watched Able deal with guests coming in and all I can tell you is you want this man handling all of your key accounts. He turned away vehicles that did not belong and handled all those visiting in the most professional manner imaginable. Both of these men are STARS of your organization.

The training you have provided these men and the caliber of those you have hired is remarkable. Let me include Caesar on these glowing feedbacks to you once again

Seaside Village Pool Monitor

Hi Nassar

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with Caesar’s performance. You found a “True Diamond” of a guard in Caesar. In the short time he has been here he has thwarted three attempts in gaining access to the pool after hours, without getting into confrontation with any of them. He has a very positive attitude all coupled with a friendly and respectful manner not always seen in today’s world.

You did a truly outstanding job in hiring a man of such caliber, he is someone you NEVER want to lose!!

Seaside Village Pool Monitor

Patrol Masters Inc.

Attn: Jack and Linda Frieden

Thank you for providing crossing guard services to our school from August, 2015 through March, 2016. The crossing guard ... click here to read more.

Ben Taylor, Ed. D
Oak Crest Middle School

Kudos to Derek Hammand


The community surrounding Harbor Island would like to give a BIG THANK YOU TO Derek Hammand for his alertness this week. Derek observed a suspicious person on Harbor Island when coming onto his shift Monday morning. He kept a watchful eye on this individual as the guy left his immediate vicinity. He later observed the man on some private property here in Beacon Bay and knew the man was up to no good. The man was actually casing houses to break into and trying to open doors to enter for burglary and who knows what else. Derek alerted the Newport Beach Police department who was already looking for this man for previous break ins. The police later arrested this man and he is now in County Jail where he belongs.

The entire community of Beacon Bay wish to shout out a huge THANK YOU to Derek and we’re glad Harbor Island values him as such a responsible and alert guard. He is also a great person who deeply cares about his job and the safety of everyone around him.

Thank you again!
Scott Cunningham
Beacon Bay Community Association

Patrol Masters

Thank you!!! I really enjoy working with you guys. You are always willing to help/go above and beyond. I appreciate it.

Wendy C. Coyne – CCAM®
Nov 05, 2015


Thanks Louie for the excellent job your officers did on our pool inspections this summer. I think we got the process down nicely. We’ll start up again next year for Memorial Day Holiday. Really appreciate the good work & take care –

Sept 28, 2015


I wanted to commend Officer Diaz (425) on doing such a through patrol of our property every night! Last night we had 3 vehicles cited, all in different areas of the property. A couple of the vehicles were registered resident vehicles, so I looked at them on my way to the gym early this morning. Indeed all of these vehicles were in violation.

One of the cited vehicles even had a hangtag (that fooled me), till I looked at it from the front and realized, that was not a Patrol Master's hangtag. It is very evident that your officers are out of their cars, walking the property and finding all of the parking violations.

I commend Officer Diaz for how very through he/she is doing their job. Our parking program is only as successful as it is, due to your officer's very strict and through enforcement.

I continue to be impressed with your extremely high level of customer service! If you could pass along my appreciation to Officer Diaz, I would be most grateful.

Jenni Garrido
July 31, 2015

We Just returned home from a visit to my son and grandson and I wanted to make sure and send you a big thank you for your help in “safe listing” our car during this visit.

I am a disabled veteran and being able to have the car at my son’s home and not up a steep drive on the adjacent street was a GREAT benefit during our stay.

Just so you know who to thank individually here is the information on my car that was needed to “safe list” it at my son’s home:
Pacific Island III
84S7C Arizonia Veteran Disabled License Plate
2013 Green Subaru Outback

You were even very understanding when we extended our stay to see the 4th of July fireworks with our son.
Thank you again and your courteous, understanding of the situation will make visiting our son more often a distinct possibility.
Pass on our thanks and appreciation to your staff.

Charles Queen

Symphony Drive
Prescott, AZ 86305


Everything went well with security for the two nights of EXPO. Your guys did a real good job.


May 03, 2015

Hi Sammy,

One of the great things about this industry is the ability to get to know wonderful vendors like Patrol Masters. It has been a real pleasure to work with you on this account and to get to know you and the team.

I am very impressed.

All the best,

Karen L. Inman
President & Chief Operating Officer
March 10, 2015


Hi Louie,

I just wanted to send a quick note in regards to Taylor. Throughout this whole process with VNT, she has been incredibly helpful and extremely responsive. It seems like we just have more and more of these “one-off” situations coming up and she is always quick to make sure that both management and the homeowners are satisfied with how they’re handled.

I am appreciative of her efforts in making this whole situation as painless as possible for everybody. I could imagine that this whole project could be much more difficult if we didn’t have somebody like her handling it.

Thank you very much,

Wesley Boothe, CMCA,
Certified Manager of Community Associations
Oct 08, 2014


Please e-mail (or forward this e-mail) to Nasser at Patrol Masters that we think William Brennon is performing a very good job for us. The residents like him and he is not afraid to enforce the Del Prado Pool Rules.

He reports are well done and are filled out correctly with the necessary information. He takes furniture inventory and notes it on the worksheets. He goes the extra mile to be sure we get quality services from Patrol Masters.

Marty Farris,
August 22, 2014

Just wanted to pass along a compliment that your patrol officer did a great job this past weekend checking keys, etc....a homeowner mentioned this at the meeting and I wanted to let you know. Good job!

Rob Tritz,
TPMS, Inc.
August 13, 2014

Don't panic they are all good!!!


Without question the best Pool Monitor we ever had!! As President of the Association I am continually amazed at how thorough Bubba is when doing his job. He is "incredibly" observant. He has no fear in approaching unauthorized individuals trying to enter the pool/spa complex. He is one of the most respectful guards I have ever dealt with. Bubba checks the immediate surrounding area on a regular basis, has found doors accidently unlocked, including the main Clubhouse Doors, and is a deterrent to potential rule violations by pleasantly speaking to the individuals about the need to comply with posted rules and regulations.

When his current assignment is completed, I hope Bubba will be kept on the Patrol Masters staff. He is clearly an asset to Patrol Masters adding to the professionalism of the rest of the staff.


One word sums it up OUTSTANDING!!

I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with Patrol Masters performance. The responsiveness, the thoroughness, the professionalism and the respectfulness shown by the Patrol Masters Staff continues to amaze and impress me. From parking control, to being called out for property disturbances or suspicious activity to monitoring the pool or entry gates during peak Huntington Beach Events, your staff has been amazing. They are well dressed, respectful and thorough. As President of the Association I want to say it has been my pleasure in working with all members of the Patrol Masters staff.

Marty Wexler
President Seaside Village
August 04, 2014

Hello Louie,

I would like to begin this email by thanking you for the great job you are doing in my opinion. You are always very helpful and timely in your responses to my questions. You also do an excellent job, in my opinion, of trying to resolve problems. I also appreciate that you have attended board meetings when necessary.

Thank you again for all your help and hard work.

Sean Fitzpatrick, CCAM | Community Association Manager
Keystone Pacific Property Management
July 23, 2014


Thank you! You guys did such an amazing job, lots of good feedback from the residents!

Jonnie Toregrase Hunter
Community Manager
Vista Real Apartment Homes
June 09, 2014

Hey Guys

GOOD JOB ON THE 4th!!! :)

I just wanted to let you know you / your guards did a really great job at La Cuesta by the Sea HOA on the 4th of July. Please see below conversation between myself and one of my Board Members there. I am really glad this went well, as we will be using you for the weeks(s) of the US open; I was using this 4th of July holiday as a learning experience and you all really did great.

:) Thank you!

Tiffany Girard
Property Manager
Tritz Professional Management Services, Inc.
June 08, 2014

Louie and Nassar

Thank you for sending such a great group of guards for our graduation ceremony last night. They all did a FABULOUS job. The only name I have is Darrin Miller, the lead guard, who kept everyone doing their job and he also took the initiative, after asking me if it was o.k., went out and was telling people in line "no balloons or coolers" so they could put them back in their cars before reaching the gate. He was very professional as were all your guards. They kept our rails completely clear during the ceremony which is an almost impossible task with the parents. Everyone thinks they have the only one graduating and can be very difficult to move off the rail. They ALL did a fabulous, professional job. Please extend my sincere thanks to everyone. I know we will use your service again for two of our football games in the fall. I would love to have this same group. Could you please send me a list of their names so that I can request them in the fall. I realize some may not be available the dates, which I do not have yet, but would appreciate as many of the same guards as you will be able to provide me. Again, thank you for your company's service.

Best Regards,
Diane Johnson
Supervision Coordinator
Edison High School
Huntington Beach June 13, 2014

Hey Sammy, how's it going? We are doing okay over here. Just really busy.

The email below is from one of your employees who I felt the need to report to you and the owner. He did an exceptional job for me yesterday and I was so impressed with his customer service and his follow up that I had to let you know. My hat's off to him! Please make sure his superior and the owner get a copy. Thank you Sammy!!!!

Thank you!
Debbie Simonetti, CCAM,CMCA, AMS
Community Association Manager

Hey Debbie,
I just spoke to the guard and he stated that the girl did NOT ride on the new asphalt, and could not find her after we spoke on the phone. I will pass this info along to my relief and we will keep you updated.
Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
Have a Great Day!
Peter Costello

Hello All,

As President of Seaside Village I want to thank all those at Patrol Masters working on the Seaside Village account for having done a truly outstanding job in every patrol or monitoring activity we asked you to address. The staff has tackled every situation in a very professional manner; from patrolling our streets for parking violators, pool monitoring during the summer months, gate control during July 4th and US Open Events, etc.

I can unequivocally state that from my point of view Seaside Village could not be dealing with a better company than Patrol Masters.... And what makes a company great is its people!!!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all residents of Seaside Village I want to thank you for the work you do for us.

Marty Wexler
President Seaside Village

Sammy I would like to tell you what a great job you and your staff are doing. Each time I'm in contact with your office I receive an immediate response and appreciate the follow up.

Patrol Masters has gone above and beyond - as always.

Rebecca Arroyo, CCAM
Senior Community Association Manager
Keystone Pacific Property Management

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the extra effort on our behalf.

Patrol Masters has gone above and beyond - as always.

Vicki Riley, Accounting Manager
Q-Mark Manufacturing Inc.

Sept. 18, 2013

Thank you, Lori,

Please pass my appreciation on to Louie and for everyone at Patrol Master handling the La Mancha account. Really appreciate everyone's efforts. They are doing a great job!

Lori Berger, CCAM
Community Manager
Professional Community Management of California, Inc. (PCM)
Sept. 06, 2013


I am sorry I did not get back to you a few weeks ago in answer to your question on service. In short it continues to be EXCELLENT. Your officers doing the drive thru at night are doing an excellent job and the officers we had manning the gates on July 4th and for the US Surfing Open were outstanding.

Patrol Masters performance has been so good that I am offering to be a reference for you when working with potential new accounts.

Seaside Village
August 26, 2013

Dear Mr. Ahmad,

I hope you are well Sir.
This e-mail is to acknowledge a great experience I recently had with one of your wonderful staff Ms. Adrianna Cortez .
She demonstrated to be very professional with great customer service as well as courteous and very prompt.
Given I am in an industry that its success relies on customer satisfaction ; I find this quality to be the most important.
I always enjoy receiving an acknowledgment from a client regarding of my staff. This always makes me proud of having them as part of my team.
I am sure you as a supervisor and manager must feel the same.
I wish you the very Best.
Warmest Regards,

Hamid Partow
Vice President Of Yacht Sales
August 23, 2013

Great job Patrol Masters

Child was in distress / possibly drowning.

From Eric Patrol Masters via texts: We had an incident at the pool area today that required the guard to Jump in the pool and stop a young girl from drowning. The IR will be out shortly.
They were packing the pool stuff and left the older daughter in charge and she got distracted an the younger daughter left the steps and couldn't swim. Ceaser jumped in the pool and ruined his phone and car keys
The dad offered to buy him a new phone and a new key but he decline his offer

Paul Miller
Sonora Wells
August 17, 2013

Hello Marques,

Thank you and your staff for the excellent enforcement recently. One vehicle was towed that was cited twice, another was towed for parking in the fire lane, and one vehicle was cited for not having valid Visitor's Parking Pass

Also, your staff has escorted residents that have exceeded the night time pool/ spa closure hours out of the facility.

Keep up the good work!

Seascape Village - Parking & Pool
August 07, 2013

Thanks Sammy, I appreciate the follow up! I haven't worked too much with you guys in the past on other properties, but I am very happy with the service. You are great!

Michael Gonzalez,
Community Association Manager
Keystone Pacific Property Managemen
June 18, 2013

Dear Kathy,

I wanted to bring your attention to the professional manner and excellent customer support I received earlier today with Louie K., Watch Commander. I have a tenant in Expressions, who has had some issues in getting her parking situation resolved since she moved in on April 1st. There was a bit of confusion on Patrol Masters policies and procedures, and my tenant was informed she would need an inspection of both their cars and the garage (I have a one car garage). She had the cars "safe listed" but couldn't understand the inspection that they said was needed since they were finally able to park one of their cars in the garage. Additionally, one of their cars was just involved in an accident and they have a rental in the interim that needed safe listing. All that said, I was asked to intervene which I did this morning in order to get some direction and clarity on the entire parking situation at Expressions, since it's been 5 years since I lived there. I was fortunate enough to get Louie K. when I called, who patiently, after hearing my lengthy explanation of what my tenant was dealing with, explained to me in a very calm and professional matter, the procedures that Patrol Masters adheres to. Additionally he followed up on all the details involved with my tenant and promptly emailed me and left a voice message with me on how he was handling the matter and the positive resolution he was able to accomplish.

I've read some negative things about Patrol Masters, and I know my tenant has not had the best experience dealing with some of your reps, but I must say Louie K. should be teaching some of your employees the tactics of proper customer support and courtesy in dealing with difficult situations. Please give him my kudos again for all the help he extended in resolving my problem.

Thanks you for your time.
Fran T

Thank you Fran! We appreciate your feedback and kind comments regarding our employee, Louie. Actually in the position he is in, he will be training and working on Customer Satisfaction issues so your suggestions are spot on!

Kathy Miramontes
Patrol Masters, Inc.

Kathy and Sammy,

Once again as President of Seaside Village I must commend Patrol Masters and its officers for the OUSTANDING job they are doing in patrolling our community. I look at the number of citations issued, have observed some of the officers doing their rounds and have reviewed the three tows that have been done; simply put, let me just say I am impressed with the officers diligence.

If they keep this up I will have to write a very favorable comment for either your web site, your facebook page, or in a letter to CAI. There are three officers who routinely patrol Seaside Village and there are two who do occasional patrols . They each deserve a very special thank you from all of us in Seaside Village. Regular Patrols -- officers #5, #268, #291. Occasional Patrols -- officers #10 and #155.

I am also working on a summer pool monitor schedule and will get back to you with a preliminary schedule by Monday 5/13. The monitoring service will begin on Thursday 5/23 and run thru Tuesday 9/3/13. In addition to the pool monitor, we will be needing guard service WITH A Patrol Masters vehicle on July 4th and during the US Open. Once again a very special thank you to both of you for the level of service provided by your organization.

Board President
Seaside Village Townhomes
Huntington Beach
May 8, 2013


You are the best! Thank you so much Angie!! I truly appreciate all your help. Just a heads up...the Board is working on changes to the parking rules and has approved them. I will get these over to you asap!

Amber Denike
Assistant Community Manager
Riverwalk Area 7
HOA Organizers, Inc.

I'm delighted that we will be working together again!!!!! I've certainly missed you and your prompt and efficient response to all our concerns. I look forward to resuming the great working relationship we previously shared and to receiving efficient and reliable service from Patrol Masters.

Good to have you and Nassar back again as our main contacts. Wishing you the best of luck.

Bella Rosa HOA
Irvine, CA

Patrol Masters Testimonials

From our Carlsbad Crossing Guard Division:

Hello Kathy,

I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with our daily patrol service since switching to Patrol Masters. Jose Guevara is our daily patrol representative and we are so pleased with his professionalism and attention to detail. Jose is an outstanding employee and I am very grateful for his hard work. He is consistent and courteous and communicates with the office when needed. Just recently, he offered to knock on our residents' door when they were illegally parked as we were shorthanded in the office. Jose goes above and beyond and we appreciate his dedication to our property and our residents. Jose is an asset to your company and I'm very grateful that he is our property's Patrol Master representative.

Thank you,
April Beard
Community Manager
Alize Apartment Homes

Dear Stephanie,

It was a pleasure speaking with you! Thank you for your compassionate heart and patience to listen. Your kindness is much appreciated. :-)

Thank you and take care,
P. Nguyen
Westminster Colony

Hi William!,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you on our call this morning. First, you showed extreme professionalism while listening to my concern over parking issues at my new residence. You also took the time to investigate the community laws, and thoroughly read and explained those laws to me. Then you quickly shared some solutions to this problem with expertise and great knowledge!

Thank You so much!
Stephanie A. L.
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.

Click here to read Testimonials from City of Carlsbad Police Department.

Marc Reno
Investigations Lieutenant
City of Carlsbad Police Department


Thank you for the clarification, I really owe you lunch one of these days!

Your CustomerCare Team at:
RIGHTWAYLA Property Management

Phone message to Patrol Masters:
The board of directors contacted their community manager, Sue Evans, from PCM and wanted to let us know that one of the board members watched Officer Jones on property and they are happy he is doing a great job and wanted to let us know!

From the Board of Directors
Viewpoint North - Anaheim Hills

The management team at Patrol Masters thanks the board and residents of Anaheim Hills for letting us know they are pleased with the service our officer is providing!

Dear Mr. Kantner,

Just a short message to give praise to Maria Ayala at your office.
If I ever need assistance she is always very kind, considerate, and professional and it is a pleasure to deal with Maria and your company.
I live at the Westwood Condo's and we used to deal with Patrol 1 and it was not the best experience as they did not understand good customer service, but Maria at your office does understand good Customer Service and I just wanted to make sure that I sent you a note to let you know how much I appreciate this.

Thank You,
Rick L.

Hi Sammy,

One of our Board Members in the Calabria Association requested that I send you an email in regards to one of your employees. Rudy received outstanding reviews from our Board Member, Larry. He stated that Rudy did an amazing job in assisting him with an issue on Sunday, September 2, 2012. Larry said Rudy was very helpful, polite and cooperative. He definitely deserves some recognition and Larry is requesting him to patrol the association more often.

Kindest Regards,
Elizabeth Goodwin

Associate Community Association Manager
Keystone Pacific Property Management, Inc.


Wanted to thank you and your team for assisting all week. Your team was prompt every morning and very professional. Have a great weekend.

Columbus Grove Community Manager

Standing Guard for Sat. Aug. 11

We would like to thank you and Sam, our standing guard, for providing excellent services to the community during our 1st Annual BBQ/Concert last Saturday. Sam was extremely professional and thorough.

Since this was our 1st event of this type and size, we weren't quite sure if all of the plans were going to fall into place. The entire event went extremely well and we didn't have to worry about the standing guard performing his duties.

Please let him know that we did appreciate his services.

Tierra Shores
Monday, August 06, 2012 9:03 AM

Thank you Lisa! We appreciate you letting us know and will indeed pass along your compliments to Sam for a job well done! It means more when it comes from our clients!

I was called about 9:20 pm by someone that saw people fishing at Merit Bay. I called Bruce and he in turned called Larry. Within a few minutes Larry was there and let them know they could not fish at night. They pretended they did not know! They asked if they would be fined!

The permit had the name of the fisherman. I vote the permit be revoked or if not able to do so, an automatic $250.00. They continue to show complete disregard to the rules that they read when signing up for the permit.

Thank you Patrol for taking care of this so quickly.

Lisa Bravo, CCAM (r)
Facility Manager
Columbus Grove Community Association

Thank you Kathy! We appreciate your compliments and will pass them along to the team! We look forward to continuing our relationship with SURF CREST HOA!

Hi Marques,
I am extremely happy with the guards. They did a great job on the 4th. Gives me so much peace of mind. Also, any citations issued that evening of the 4th, please disregard. It was a holiday and we had lots of visitors. How about meeting with your car patrol guys on Tuesday of next week. You set the time. I prefer to meet with any who patrol this complex. It can be done at night. Thanks.

Kathy Hill
Board Member

Compliments to Angie Duncan and Kathy Miramontes for their understanding and guidance regarding safelisting a car in our association and for their ability to listen to a recommendation to clarify the safelisting process o their website. I found them both professional and reasonable people with whom to work. They are trying to protect our property and for that we are grateful. By listening to one another's perspectives, I believe we were each able to see the other's view - with kindness. Patrol Masters may even take the offered idea of showing an example about how to safelist so that others can safelist their cars with confidence. Wouldn't it be nice if we had more of this willingness to listen and be heard in our world? Thank you both! Happy 4th of July!

Karen Gifford
Resident of Lake Park HOAs

Patrol Masters thanks you for the nice compliment Jackie!
Hi Marques and Isela,

We recently had a two day corporate event at the 550 West Artesia property, and wanted to let you know that Ofelia was very helpful and a delight to work with!

San Ysidro Investments

Sent to Marques Oliver-Operations Manager:
Patrol Masters

I really appreciate your email. I am very impressed by the change hat Patrol Master has provided at Parc @5. I have recommended your services to other communities in the area. Thank you very much.
As you know, patrolling has to do with the condition of the building and with circumstances that arise. For the moment your patrol services have been great. The following are circumstances that have arisen this week that I would like to communicate for your assistance.
The back pool has seen some activity that is worrying me. A portion of the fence has been continuously broken by people jumping out and jumping in. I also believe that there is marijuana use going on at the back pool.
Again, I thank you for your hard work,

Carlos Silva
Community Manager
Parc @5 Apartments

Board Member for Mirador HOA (K77) , Doug Bailey asked that I let Sammy know how pleased they are with our services. He also mentioned that he called to safelist his vehicle and talked to Bridget one night and to Chris another night and both handled the call in very professional way. Both were patient and kind.

Staff Comment: Keep up the good work Team!!! You are appreciated! J Atta boy and girl to Chris and Bridget!


Hi Sammy,
Your guys rocked it last night!!!
Thanks for having the guys step it up!

Trisha Garite | Community Association Manager

The Management Trust

To Michelle:
Thank you very much. I always get such good service with you!

Michelle Benson, CMCA
Managing Agent
Total Property Management, Inc.

Good afternoon Ms. Irene,
I will go ahead and void those pool keys you requested. The 2 parking permits you requested to be voided 2 days ago, I will look into this and make sure it has been done. Please feel free to cc me on any emails you may have so I can follow up and make sure your requests have been fulfilled. Have a great day Ms. Irene. I’ll talk to you soon. Sincerely,
Customer Care Supervisor

Angie, Thank you for looking into to this for me. I know that I can always count on you.!!! YOU ARE THE BEST.

Irene N.
Cardinal Property Management, AAMC/ACMF

NOTE: The gentleman George spoke with was Chris in our Customer Service Dept. and we feel the same about him, he is one of our SUPER’s! And we want to Thank you George!

Hi Sammy & Ladies.....I called the office last night and spoke to a gentleman that was extremely helpful. I do not remember his name but my Board and I were on speaker phone with him and we were all very impressed with his professionalism and willingness to help. If you could track this individual and inform him we would really appreciate it. Also, we felt you should know when you have an employee that sticks out in such a manner!!!
He was going to assist with the safe list but he would have needed all license plate numbers so I stated I would e-mail them to your office this morning. Please remove all individuals from the indefinite safe list.
Very rarely do people take the time to commend someone for a job well done.....we all like the "Atta boy's"!

George E. Gustave
TSG Independent Property Mgmnt., Inc.
27129 Calle Arroyo, Suite 1802
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

You’re awesome! Please forward to your supervisor with my comments below… “Maria is a prime example of how customer relations should be. In today’s world, it is increasingly hard to find, and I am 1000% happy with my experience dealing with Patrol Masters thanks to her!”

IT Manager
Canyon View HOA Resident

We wanted strict parking enforcement since it was so lax and 'discretionary' to say the least before Patrol Masters took over (can you believe, over 3 years I think - 2008, right?).
I think we have the best group of vendors servicing our property - probably the best that we could have possibly asked for. Hopefully now, we can get back to the task at hand (continuing with the maintenance items) where I can actually participate again.

Thanks Doug - have a great weekend!

Board President
Fairgreen Homes HOA

Hi Angie,

Thank you so much. We really do appreciate all your guys work. The Board has been watching everything like a hawk lately, so I’m just making sure everything gets followed up on time. J

Thanks again!,
Melissa Badamain
Associate Community Manager
MERIT 09/14/2011

Hi Sammy,

Hope you are doing well. Can you please give me the contact information of the three family members who were our pool monitors this summer and the previous summers, as I would like to personally thank them for the wonderful job they did over the summer. They are a pleasure to work with, always so polite and obliging and they do a great job here at Bella Rosa where they are so well liked by everyone. On behalf of my other two board members and myself, I would like to thank everyone for a job well done!!!

Kind regards,
Bella Rosa HOA Board Member

Hi Doug,

Just wanted to drop you a note letting you know that all went smooth on Labor Day Weekend.

The guard presented and interfaced himself very well with our community, gave me excellent feedback, and represented your company as being very professional.

Marcelino L., President
Seascape Village Owners Association

Hi Doug,

I just wanted to touch base with you since we are in the final few days of our pool monitor service with Labor Day being the last day, and let you know that Jeffery has done an outstanding job. I have had nice comments from residents as well as Board Members.

It is always nice to get an at-a-boy from time to time so if you would be so kind as to pass it along and make a notation in his employee file I would very much appreciate it.

Have a great day.

TSG Independent
Community Manager for Versailles

My name is Mell Livingston and I am co-owner of API Property Management. I have worked with other Patrol Services in the past and I can say for certain that I am most impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of Patrol Masters. They are proactive and easy to work with. I always recommend them to my clients for they make everyone’s job easier. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Mell Livingston
Property Manager
American Properties Int’l Inc.
30110 Crown Valley Pkwy., suite 207
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
p.(949)363-7255 tf.(800)360-0336 f.(949)363-9317

Last night I had to call security at 10:40 on new renters in 17 for noise. I would like to thank security for their prompt action in this matter. This is second time for this. The last time I went over asked them to keep it down when they first moved in. Please send the owner and tenants a letter in this matter.

A resident of Tustin Park Villas

Note from Patrol Masters:
We wanted to point out this is a compliment on one of our newer rookie officers and we are extremely pleased at his fast and professional response!

I just wanted to let you know that your officer showed up on time, was very polite and professional.
Thank you so much for helping us solving this issue in a smooth and pleasant manner. We really appreciate your assistance.

Best regards,
Brad B
Resident of Vista La Cuesta HOA

Thank you for taking my call this morning, and on the 2nd ring! How Awesome!
--- Sammy, she was awesome fast, polite and helpful! The Greystone Keys Maintenance Corporation manager, Damon Kubas, is on vacation in the mountains, out of cell phone range. So it is my responsibility to muddle through this.

Please safe list both of the vehicles listed below through August 22nd.
-- Damon Kubas can rescind or modify my instructions next week when he returns.

Thank you so much for your help!!!

Mike Kubas, EPS

Hello Maria,

I'm sorry it took me so long to write to you, but as they say, better late than never!

Anyway, I later found out that the permit expired at 12 midnight on May 31, 2011, almost 2 months before I thought the permit will expire because I paid a full 12 month for it in July 2010. When I eventually got in touch with you, you helped me through an extremely stressful situation, you were very courteous, understanding, most helpful, and very accommodating, just as you were a year ago, when I first moved into the property and needed assistance getting all my cars permitted per the rules for Montilla HOA. I know you are inundated daily with calls from homeowners who feel frustrated like I do, and use you as a punching bag for their frustration, but you maintain your pleasant disposition.

I hope you will forward this email to your boss at Patrol Masters. If they don't already know that you are a gem, it's time they know. Your pleasant disposition, the way you handle each and every situation with compassion, at the same time, maintaining the utmost professionalism; you are one in a million. Patrol Masters is extremely lucky to have you working for them, you are an asset to any company. So in my view, you deserve some kind of recognition, and/or award. Good luck!
Keep up the good work!

Angela Williams

Thank you so much Angie! You have always been very helpful besides doing such a good job! Keep up the good work!

Elia Elizondo
Manager Assistant
Action Community Management

And from a homeowner-
Good news I heard the guard, he was there in 5 mins and was awesome!! He was in large and in charge!
He deserves a raise!

A Homeowner
Canyon Rim Trabuco HOA

UNIVISION SPECIAL EVENT – Santa Ana – June 25, 2011
Hi, Sammy.
From my observation, and from the feedback I got from our onsite team, your security crew did an excellent job. They were professional, organized, and courteous to attendees and staff. They did the job they were hired to do. We will definitely work with your company again.
If you can share any feedback from your team in regards to our event, we would greatly appreciate it.
Best regards,

Mario Michel
Account Executive
UNIVISION Radio Los Angeles

Thanks for the prompt response! Great customer service!
I application said that we need garage inspection for oversize car. Since we know that the Chevy Suburban will not fit into the garage, do we still need an inspection?

Wicky K
Del Prado HOA

Your the best!

Autumn M
Accell Property Management
Savannah HOA

I wanted to say how professional and courtesy your officer was who did the inspection. I have had inspections at other places and the people were not very nice. I can not remember his name but please note that he did a very good job. (That would be officer #114/Norman)

Thanks for all your help,
Cypress Creek HOA

Good reading material. Finally, a sheriff that knows his stuff. 

To Resident of the Enclave HOA

Thank you for forwarding me all the information you have gathered on this incident. Based on my investigation and findings, I have concluded that the following companies are operating within the vehicle code and are not in violation as you have listed below.

  • Rock Bottom Towing 951-328-0818
  • Patrol Masters Security http://www.patrolmasters.com/
  • Euclid Management Company http://www.patrolmasters.com/
  • East Highland Ranch Home Owners Association http://www.easthighlandsranch.com
I’m sure you are now very disappointed, based on our conversations you seem very upset and angered about this situation that ended up with you vehicle towed. Rightfully so, however all I can tell you is that had you followed the HOA rules and regulations that you are subject to follow as a resident of the Enclave, this probably would not have occurred. Based on my investigation, here is the following information I am providing you as a courtesy.
  1. You may be a legal resident of Nevada, however Euclid Management has you listed on the title of the Condo. Therefore, according to Euclid Management you are a resident and not a guest and are subject to follow the rules as any other resident. There is no Vehicle Code violation here.
  2. I’m sorry you have not received any copies of any rules or regulations from Euclid Management, however they assure me that when Patrol Masters took over security services March 1, 2010 that all residents received a letter indicating all the rules and regulations of parking dated February 19, 2010 (see attached.) You’ll need to make a complaint with them. There is no Vehicle Code violation here.
  3. Patrol Masters has requested that residents contact them to be put on a “Safe List” from vehicles being towed. It has been decided by your HOA board that residents have 14 days to be placed onto a Safe List per each license plate. They allow a 180 roll over period, in which if you receive 2 or more violations (i.e. parking in the fire lane, not being on Patrol Master’s Safe List, etc) you are in violation of the HOA ordinance and subject to tow. Your vehicle received 2 violations from Patrol Masters. The first one was on February 27, 2011 at 0025 hrs, and the second one was on March 11, 2011 at 0006 hours. There is no Vehicle Code violation here.
  4. You state that no one was present during the tow, however according to Tow records as well as Security records there was. Rock Bottom Towing had a security officer on scene from Patrol Masters in a marked blue security vehicle that signed for the tow. Patrol Masters does not need to release the name of the security officer to you unless you get some sort of court order that says they do. There is no Vehicle Code violation here.
  5. You state that the Sheriff’s Department wasn’t notified of private tow, however we were. A Private Property Tow as called in to Sheriff’s Dispatch by Rock Bottom Towing on Saturday Marc h 12, 2011 at 0139 hours. Incident #HI110710006. There is no Vehicle Code violation here.
  6. You state that you have issues with Rock Bottom Towing, however according to the California Highway Patrol they hold a current and valid Motor Carrier Permit #CA 313335 and operate as a Private Towing Service. They are not on any type of rotation tow for CHP, Police or Sheriff’s Department. Any issue you have regarding fees, service provided when you went to pick your vehicle up, and the location of Towing Company should be handled through small claims as a civil matter. There is no Vehicle Code Violation here.
  7. I have been advised by Jennifer at Euclid Management that your board is meeting this coming Tuesday April 12, 2011 and the matter of using Rock Bottom Towing as the towing company that residents may have their vehicle towed to is up for debate, and another tow company that is more local will most likely be used. The matter of the Tow Company being more than 10 miles away from where your residence was is a small infraction, if any. I have decided to exercise discretion in this matter and not find the Tow Company at fault for being outside the 10 mile radius. This may not satisfy you, however as a Traffic Enforcement Officer I am bound by no obligation to write every single violator I stop a ticket. In my opinion, there is no direct Vehicle Code violation here.
  8. You seem to be under the misunderstanding that every vehicle code applies on private property. It doesn’t. When it is criminally associated such as DUI, Hit and Run, reckless driving, etc that is when the vehicle code can apply and be enforced. Home Owner Associations can enforce rules and regulations that are decided upon by boards and community involvement. I would recommended taking a higher stance within your community if you think some of the parking rules are unfair and not made clear to the residents.
As far as I am concerned my investigation is closed. There is no more I can help you with on this matter. Thank you for your time sir.

Nathan Gastineau, Deputy Sheriff
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
Highland Station / Traffic Division

Thank you so much Doug! The Board has been pleased with the service, reports and online access you provide. :)

Judee Parker, CMCA
Total Property Management
Carriage Park HOA

Kathy and Doug,
I just wanted to let you know what a great job Maria Ayala is doing for you. I recently moved into one of your controlled properties and was without a bill/proof of residence, etc. Throughout the process Maria has been so helpful and so patient, she has really made a stressful move a little bit easier by helping me out and working with me. I just wanted to share with you both what an asset she is to your team how much I have appreciated her help and her assistance. Without guest or temporary parking and only a one-car garage at our development, this element of the move was more stressful than I would have ever imagined and Maria made it all a bit easier.
Thank you,


I'd like to extend a million thanks to Tinsley (#96) on the patrol from Friday/Saturday. It seems about 12:50 that he accosted two unknown Hispanic males who do not live in the Park and had them leave. This is exactly what I'd like to see happen and I want to personally thank him for taking such action.
Keep up the good work!

Ed C.

This owner tried to call Carl and I about getting their money back. The vehicle was illegally parked. Thank you again for the report and keep up the great work.

Dwayne A

Just say that I appreciate for the service from your company. On the night of Jan 09, 2011 at around 20:00 - 21:30, I have learned that the car was towed because it was parked in front of the garage. Excellent work !!!

From the Board of Directors of Westminster Colony HOA

Thank you so much Maria. I can't tell you what a frustrating day we had on so many levels. Your pleasant and helpful approach was the one bright and positive thing in the day!

Thank you!
Stephanie Porrello
Palm Court

Hi Officer Tinsley,
I want to tell you what a great great job you and the rest of Patrol Masters staff (that work here when you are off) are doing. I would rather worth with you on this, as I have great respect for your work ethic. I will call you when it is reported that the bunch of kids are in the area.

GayLee Campbell
Chateau De Ville Apartments

Hey Joe -
I wanted to let you know that Saturdays event was a great success. Thanks for the coordination and professional staff that performed their duties at the Northpark Square event on July 24th. The homeowners showed much appreciation for what we all had done to make the event safe and fun! Warm Regards and thanks again,

Jill Falkner
Community Events & Recreation Manager

I just wanted to say, "Thank you" for being so diligent in reviewing this parking permit request. The paperwork appears to be in order... Thank you, again, for your scrutiny.

Ramona Acosta, CCAM, PCAM
Director of Property Management
Trinidad @ Talega

Your guys did very good at Huntington Bayshore (my complex) over the 4th of July weekend. I said hi and asked them to tell you hello for me as well

Scott Gross, Property Manager
Accell Property Management, Inc

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the guards at the Waterfront this past week for the slurry seal. While all did a good job, I would like you to know that Nassar, Christine, Kelly and Dexter were all outstanding. Thank you Sammy and Rita!

Catherine MacAlpine
The Waterfront

Everything with the security guard went very well, we had no problems during the project and that is a rarity. The project is done so we will not need service tonight.

Diana Byrnes
New Start Management Services

Seldom, if ever, do I write something really positive about any officer of a patrol service. This is my one exception. The officer "Christy", our pool monitor is fabulous. We want her and nobody else. She appeared at our Board of Directors meeting and wanted to know who we were. Needless to say we were all very impressed. She also gave us the address of a child she saw writing with chalk on the sidewalks. Keep her! Keep her! Keep her! Chain her to the walls at Amberwood. All joking aside, she is very conscientious and likes her job.

For the Board of Directors
Alan Potruch
Amberwood Fullerton
Property Supervisor

Columbus Grove Election Standing Guard

I wanted to let you know that I was very happy with Joe, the standing guard that we had here for the Election yesterday. Everything went off as planned, no problems. He was here on time, followed the instructions provided and was able to assist the election volunteers.

I think it really helped that we had that walk through beforehand.

I don't know if the Association will authorize the Great Room to be used for all future elections, but if so, I think we've got it covered.

Thank you again, please pass my appreciation on to Nassar and Joe.

Lisa Bravo, CCAM®
Columbus Grove Community Association

Thank you, Maria, for your continued support. You are always responsive, helpful, and timely. Please feel free to forward these compliments to your Manager....

Regards, Mark Nguyen Bella Rosa / Park North Square

I met with Doug Kantner the General Manager of Patrol Masters, on Monday 4/19. I was very impressed with the knowledge Mr. Kantner had about our complex and the eagerness of Patrol Masters to meet the requirements Seaside Village set forth for his organization. Mr. Kantner indicated that in June of 2009 the Board of Directors changed the parameters of towing a vehicle from 3 tickets with towing on the 4th in 30 days to 3 tickets to towing on the 4th in 90 days. Please note: Opening the towing window to 90 days makes compliance to our parking rules almost certain for anyone wanting to avoid the inconvenience and expense of having their vehicle towed. I also told Mr. Kantner that we as a Board were very pleased with the performance of Patrol Masters regarding the property. Considering the ease with which one can be towed, the most important thing facing the Association regarding guest parking is to nail down an easy, workable procedure, now, before the busy summer visiting months. Rather than outline the procedure here I will present it at the April Board Meeting for review. The procedure is used by Patrol Masters at a number of very fine complexes and when used in the past at Seaside was very effective. It streamlines requests, is less work for all and most important is easy for any resident to use. The Patrol Masters system limits/avoids scamming of the system. With the Boards approval, an added assurance against scamming can be guaranteed. Patrol Masters has offered to allow me to connect to their computer system to monitor overnight parking requests by plate number and resident address on a daily basis. Allowing me to connect, will clearly point out most scamming that may be attempted on an immediate basis. Reporting possible scamming that may have gotten by the formulas Patrol Masters uses will give us an opportunity to alert Patrol Masters as to what might be going on with appropriate action on their part taken.

Marty Seaside Village

This is just to inform you that this morning I received a call from a Ms. Balboa, she called to make us aware that we have been doing a VERY GOOD JOB! She also said she has been getting all her reports and in a "50 second call" she THANKED EVERYONE @ PATROL MASTERS AND TO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Mountain View HOA Compliment

Sammy, Thank you for your prompt response in confirming our additional patrol service on 06/17/09. I want to acknowledge that Jose and Miguel has done an outstanding job in making Irvine Groves a safe and secured place to live. The Homeowners has commented that the parking enforcement is working and there are ample parking for the H.O.

Sincerely, Calvin Chung

Thank you for your attention to this, I really appreciate it. I trust that we share a common goal of providing excellent customer service to our clients, the Association residents, guests and Board members; by working as a team, I believe we can accomplish that goal. I would like to go on record and commend the patrol staff. Miguel is thorough and professional, he always checks in with the staff when he is on duty and provides us with an update on what he has encountered. I haven't met the night and graveyard officers, but I do review the Citation and Activity reports as well as the Key Fob History and I am very comfortable that the inspections are consistently being completed.

Lisa Bravo, CCAM, Facility Manager, Columbus Grove Community Association

M01 Officer ID: 99 Re: Thank you I got a notice that my garage door was left open on August 7. That was the day I left on vacation, and the last thing I did was to park my car in the garage. I must have accidentally left the garage door open. It would have been open all weekend if you hadn't closed it for me. Thank you for doing that. I'll try to be more careful in the future.

Terry B Aliso Villas HOA

I called on Thursday to hold on to towing until more vehicles were given warnings. A few of the owners are making arrangements with our office to get current on their parking dues and to clean out their garages. I have given temporary parking permits for the month of April for these residents to make their arrangements. I have sent a copy of the temp permits. Please do not tow the vehicles with these temporary permits for the month of April. On the permit they are displaying there is large #4 representing the month of April. Please continue with the towing after the last warning has been given. Thanks again for your hard work, I appreciate it and remind Sami he can use me for a reference anytime.

Louis - Cimarron Oaks 2

Hi Rita, I wanted to let you know that I have received a lot of positive feedback from homeowners from Palm Court and Jamaica who have been helped by both you and Melinda. They have asked that I pass along their compliments to the Patrol Masters Company for the very helpful service you two have provided. Thanks for being great!

Sincerely, Katherine Johnson, Seabreeze Management Company, Inc.

Thank you Kathy, for your professional response. I Safelisted by phone this time, but look forward to using your web site in the future.

Sincerely, Alan Kaufman

Dear Friends at Patrol Masters. We would like to thank you for taking the time to deliver the heart pens and goodies to our employees. We certainly enjoyed them.

Thank you, your friends at OPTIMUM PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Thank You so much for the Halloween treats. They really brightened up our office. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Robert Supalla, Merit Property Staff

Michelle, Thank you so very much. I know the Board will appreciate this and I have let them know.

Courtney Buehler - Creekside

Sammy, On behalf of the board of Directors, I want to thank you for sending Miguel out to monitor our pool. Hes done an amazing job in not only reducing the chaos and rule breaking at our pool but putting a stop to our trespassing problem as well. He has been firm with the knuckleheads yet polite and professional with the community at large. I personally have received many compliments re his performance and if Miguel is a true representative of a Patrol Masters guard, we may have to give serious consideration to switching our security services. Additionally, when you and I spoke you had indicated you would send the same guard for the 10 day job. This was important to us in order to maintain a consistent approach to our members. When Miguel said he would not be here Sunday I was a little concerned that wed go nine days with one guard and the final day would be with an entirely different personality and possibly a different approach. I expressed this concern to Miguel and he offered to forego his day off and work the entire contract himself. That degree of dedication is seldom seen today and we are grateful.

Sincerely, Richard MacDonald - Northwood II

Hi Sammy, Just wanted to compliment everyone on great work with this complaint yesterday. I called and a patrol was sent very promptly. The officer Ivan was very good. He was courteous to the homeowner but not overfriendly, which is just what we need. Unfortunately for the tow company the vehicle owner came out before the tow could be completed, but I guess that is part of the job for them. Anyway again- please pass on my thanks for the great work to the watch commander, the dispatch officer and of course Ivan and anyone else involved. A job well done.

Plaza Del Sol

It does no t surprise me in the least that the teenager lied and then resorted to calling out names and flipping poor Ivan off. They had become so used to trespassing that Im sure they felt it was their right to speed throughout community without regard for the residents who pay money to have a gated community. Worst of all, I have seen several parents bounding on through with their kids in tow trying to beat the crowd at the top of Wolverine. So disrespectful! Tim, I have a million Starbucks gift cards (ironically, from former students!) that I would like to donate to pay for some of Ivans well-deserved coffee! Ill get them to you this weekend. Sincerely, Brett Awesome! This will tone down once the kids realize they are losing time by coming up the hill. It sounds like we should take turns bringing Ivan Starbucks.

Thanks all. Tim

I spoke with Ivan this morning, who was doing a great job patrolling the gate. He was standing outside his car, which was blocking the call box, telling High Schoolers that they could no longer use our gate as an access point to school. In the six minutes I was there, at least 20 cars sped up and angrily made U-turns. The problem is far worse than I was aware of. A few kids challenged Ivan, making up stories about how they were picking up a friend, or they live in the complex and just went to Jack in the Box really quickly. As they drove off calling him names and flipping him off, residents waved, smiled and gave him their thanks. What a scene! I wanted to grab some more coffee and a lawn chair to watch the show. Anyways writing to let you all know that I told Ivan it would be okay to sit in his car and watch the rear-view mirror for cars approaching after it died down at about 8:05. It was 48 degrees out there and you could tell that our fearless hero was cold.

Kimberly Marketing Communications Consultant, MONTELENA AT ALISO VIEJO

This letter is to serve as a recommendation for Hussein Mohamed Abd Elwahed. Mr. Elwahed has worked at out condominium complex as our pool guard and in-house security for the summer of 2009. During that time he has exhibited the utmost level of professionalism of any security personnel we have employed. Hussein has shown himself to be responsible, responsive, and to have a superior work ethic. He has never been late or missed a day. When activities at the pool were slow his initiative in helping to keep the place tidy and attractive made him stand out. He consistently performed his duties above expectations and showed sophistication and courtesy to our residents not often seen these days. Every time I or other resident entered or exited the pool area, he would rise and hold the door for usa truly cultured and courteous response which was greatly appreciated. He is most highly recommended. If further information of clarification is needed, please feel free to call me directly.

Sincerely, Yolanda Grisolia, GENESIS HOA PRESIDENT

I spoke with Ivan this morning, who was doing a great job patrolling the gate. He was standing outside his car, which was blocking the call box, telling High Schoolers that they could no longer use our gate as an access point to school. In the six minutes I was there, at least 20 cars sped up and angrily made U-turns. The problem is far worse than I was aware of. A few kids challenged Ivan, making up stories about how they were picking up a friend, or they live in the complex and just went to Jack in the Box really quickly. As they drove off calling him names and flipping him off, residents waved, smiled and gave him their thanks. What a scene! I wanted to grab some more coffee and a lawn chair to watch the show. Anyways writing to let you all know that I told Ivan it would be okay to sit in his car and watch the rear-view mirror for cars approaching after it died down at about 8:05. It was 48 degrees out there and you could tell that our fearless hero was cold.

Kimberly Marketing Communications Consultant, MONTELENA AT ALISO VIEJO

And you guys know that I know this. You guys are the best patrol company I have ever used. You may quote me on this.

Betsy Cobb-Seliga, Account Executive, SEABREEZE MANAGEMENT CO., INC.

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our Jamaica HOA event. The gift cards to the Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs are so appreciated. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your support.


Sammy, Thank you so much for your generous donation to the House of Ruth. I am happy to tell you that with your donation we were able to make a difference in the lives of abused women and children in our area.

Again, Thank You! C. Mammen

Thank you for the information, Michelle. BTW: The Chandon Board is most appreciative of the timely response that Patrol Masters ALWAYS provides when called out to the property! The Chandon Board LOVES Patrol Masters and when we recently talked to the Marina Hills Master Assn. Board, we HIGHLY recommended Patrol Masters to all the sub-Associations in Marina Hills!!!!! Please let Sammy know how pleased Chandon is with Patrol Masters.

Karen Newsome, THE CHANDON

Hi guys! I just want to tell you that Jose does a really great job at La Vista. Steve and I really appreciate his hard work and attention to detail. He notices everything and takes special care of our property. Thank You!!

Holly Hudgins, Account Executive, SEABREEZE MANAGEMENT CO., INC.

Dear Friends at Patrol Masters. Allow us to express our thanks for your generous cash donation for our Annual Awards Dinner. We were truly delighted!! Thank you for helping to make our event spectacular.

Your friends, at Optimum Property Management.

Hi Sammy. I was in San Diego for the weekend with my daughter and family, but did receive the report on Friday nights incident from Nassar, which I picked up from the email on my cell phone I just wanted to tell you that your officers did an AWESOME job on Friday night with the homeowner who put in a code to gain access to the gym. The report that followed and was sent to all of us was excellent, and has assisted us in uncovering a possible method that trespassers are using to gain access to the facility. Please that k Nassar and Michael for me personally, as well as the other board members and that you as well for personally making sure that this standing guard schedule goes smoothly after a rough start. This is very much appreciated.


Dear Sammy, Thank you for your very warm and sincere good wishes. On behalf of my board and myself, I wish you and your family and all those at Patrol Masters a very happy Thanksgiving. I would also like to express our thanks and appreciation to you and your officers for all the help and support given to us and for a job well done.

Sincerely, Marcia Solomon - BOD for Bellarosa

Excellent job! This was a voided pass that was used by a new owner, who was issued new passes, who used an old pass from a different address from back when he was a renter. Keep up the great work!


Sammy absolutely, please staff it. I just needed to know what the hourly rate is since many of the people who rent the clubhouse ask about the cost. Villageway pays you, but it is deducted from their damage deposit. As always you are GREAT!!! Thanks bunches.

Sandy - Villageway Management

Dear Sammy, On behalf of the Bella Rosa Homeowners Association, I would like to wish you, your family and all the staff at Patrol Masters a very happy holiday season and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. I would also like to thank you and all your officers for doing a great job of work. We really appreciate all the assistance and loyalty given to us at Bella Rosa as well as all the effort that is put into keeping our community safe. Kindest regards,

Marcia Solomon Board of Directors Bella Rosa HOA

Hi MJ and Dave,
I just wanted to send out a note of Kudos to the Patrol Masters guys. Last night when exiting my car, my car door did not close all of the way. A little after nine oclock I received a knock on the door. As I came down the stairs I noticed my car door wide open and two men with flashlights going over the property. I could see the Patrol Master vehicle but just saw the light bar and assumed the police were at my house. When I went outside it was actually Patrol Masters, they wanted to make sure we knew the car door was open and checked the area to make sure the area was secure. They were very professional and very much appreciated. I do not know how long the car door had been open and they could have just shut the door but they went the extra step to make us aware of the problem. MJ, if you could relay to their supervisors that I appreciate the work they did last night and thank them for a job well done.

Tamy - Crown Ridge - Board Members

Rita. I am not quite sure who all I am addressing in this email. I just want to point out that the Board at Palm Court @ Laguna Heights is very appreciative of Patrol Masters attempt to turn the parking problem around in his community. As the property manager, I have been very pleased with all the individuals at Patrol Masters. I appreciate that they are playing by the rules which the Board initiated to solve a very serious parking problem.

Sincerely, Betsy Cobb-Seliga, Property Manager PALM COURT

Dear friends at Patrol Masters. Thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful contribution to our Annual Awards Dinner. The movie passes was truly appreciated. Thank you for being a part of our tem.

Your friends, at OPTIMUM PROPETY MGMT.

To whom this may concern. This letter is to commend two of your employeesone at Lakepark Community Association and the second at Patrol Masters. Lorraine at Lakepark and Rita at Patrol Masters. For six weeks these two women tried to help my family receive a sticker for our fourth car. They were so patient with me and all my different problems which were finally solved after some time. But, they never gave up on me and my family. These vary kind ladies are Rita at Patrol Masters and Lorraine at Lakepark Association. They went out of their way to be of assistance to me.

Sincerely, H. Colette Johnson and Family, LAKEPARK COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION

Dear Sammy, Michelle actually took care of this yesterday. I would actually like to compliment her on accomplishing a feat presented to her in a very timely manner. When previously reported, we as the management company were requested to provide more details regarding the tow. Michelle made calls, followed up with me and resolved the situation in less than two hours. I believe that the service she provides to the client proves her to be an asset to your company. Treat her well Sammy she is a keeper I know I am happy to have her as part of my extended team!

Aliaa Navarro, Community Manager

Dear Mr. Ahmad, The Board of Directors would like to thank you and you staff for all the hard work and thoroughness demonstrated throughout the San Juan Hills Community. Because of your diligence, the Board has elected to continue with your services. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


Just wanted to thank you for enforcing our stored car rule here at The Waterfront. We also want to commend Robert our Patrol agent for doing a fantastic job in his patrol rounds and taking an interest in our community

Marci Ralph Bruno, THE WATERFRONT

Hello Rita, my name is Michael B and I have lived at La Vista Condominiums for the past three years. Maria, helped me out today, was very polite and efficient and happily faxed me the paperwork this afternoon. When I moved in I went through a similar issue with the HOA, since I drive a Chevy Tahoe that has SURF RACKS, not commercial racks, on the roof. Tags are valid and I only need one permit. I dont need guest permits or extra permits, just the one permit for my one vehicle. Please find the permit info as well as a recent copy of the tax bill and the gas bill. Thank You for your assistance in this matter.

Kind Regards, Michael B, LA VISTA CONDOMINIUMS

Sammy - Thank you for your quick response. We think your company is doing a great job and we love Jose. Thanks again.

Stuart S. Irvine High School

Hi Sammy. Thank you for having your patrol here on the morning of June 18th when we started the slurry seal. He was very helpful and we really appreciate him being here.


Thank you so much Rita for your help will all of this parking stuff

Judy Roca

Sammy. Thank you for your prompt response in confirming our additional patrol service on 06/17/2009. I want to acknowledge that Jose and Miguel have done an outstanding job in making Irvine Groves a safe and secure place to live. The Homeowners have commented that the parking enforcement is working and there is ample parking for the H/O.

Sincerely Calvin C., IRVINE GROVES

On behalf of the Board of Directors I want to thank you for sending Miguel out to monitor out pool. Hes done an amazing job in not only reducing the chaos and rule breaking at our pool nit putting a stop to our trespassing problem as well. He has been firm with the knuckleheads yet polite and professional with the community at large. I personally have received many compliments regarding his performance and if Miguel is a true representative of a Patrol Masters guard, we may have to give serious consideration to switching our security services. Additionally, when you and I spoke you had indicated you would send the dame guard for the 10 day job. This was important to us in order to maintain a consistent approach to our members. When Miguel said he would no t be here Sunday I was a little concerned that wed go nine days with one guard and the final day would be with an entirely different personality and possibly a different approach. I expressed this concern to Miguel and he offered to forego his day off and work the entire contract himself. That degree of dedication is seldom seen today and we are grateful.

Sincerely, Richard M., NORTHWOOD II

Hello Rita. First of all I would like to thank you and your company for your diligence in getting our parking situation in order. In the aforementioned situation, I agree with Ahmer: the garages are to be used for parking of vehicles only. For now we cannot allow an extended stay of the caregivers vehicle. Please inform the resident that two vehicles must be parked in the garage. Additionally, you may advise the resident that they may submit a letter to the management requesting a variance and I will forward to the Board for review.

Best Regards Mell L. Property Manager AMERICAN PROPERTIES INTL

Thank You!!! U-R-Amazing

Tim, the Huntington in Orange

Thanks Rita. You are so good and clear. I will work with my fellow Board members on this and we will let you know.


Hello Rita, Thank you SO much! I really appreciate your help with this matter.

Deborah, the Waterfront

Thanks so much Rita and its clear nowHi Rita. It is very nice of Sammy and thank you for your clear explanation. --- It is wonderful. I like this program because of saving everyones time. This is professional, simple, and convenient. Thank you Rita for your time and your clear clarification.



Brenda Friday, Associate Community Manager, Mission Courts 1

Sammy-and-Staff. Thank Youso much. While I was at the property I called for the vehicles parked in the fire lane. I appreciate how efficient your company has been. You are the best security company I have worked with in my 10 years in the business. You can use me as a reference whenever you like.

Louise C., Wheeler Steffen Property Management.

Hi Michelle, I had a pleasant chat with Robert of Patrol Masters this weekend. I have spoken to him before on a pool issue a few weeks ago; he is on top of things at Lakeridge and has a great attitude. He mentioned he had a black Saturn towed in the early morning hours last week and about 30 minutes after the tow truck left with the car and he continued his inspection the Lakeridge map was torn off its post. He thinks the owner of the Saturn did this since it was so close to the time the vehicle was towed. But without a witness I didnt think we could effectively blame the owner of the Saturn, but thought I should note his report.


Hi Sammy. This evening about 15 minutes ago one of your patrol officers saw a vehicle parked sideways on a driveway right across the street from my home. I had seen her park there minutes within his showing up. He promptly stopped and started writing the ticket. I spoke with him about how long the vehicle had been parked and . Of course, he had no way of knowing how long it had been there. I was pleased to see his prompt and immediate action, and his ability to analyze the situation and act appropriately. He wrote the ticked but didnt stick it on her car. I neglected to get his name bit I am sure you know who this young man was. Good Job!

Gaylyn K.

Dear Patrol Masters Management. Im writing to say how pleased the Carefree El Toro Owners Association, and I personally, have been in dealing with the outstanding performance of Officer Jose Guevara. We have found him to not only be extremely professional and courteous to our volunteer staff, but also compassionate, deligent, thoughtful, kind, knowledgeable, professional and courteous in the course of his duties. He has continually demonstrated these qualities and I have personally seen his behavior to exemplify the highest standards of your industry. His actions are exactly what you would want to represent your company and are a credit to your organization. Please pass along to him our gratitude for all the fine work he does for our community and how pleased your clients are with his performance.

Sincerely, Greg S, Carefree El Toro Parking Coordinator

Id say Well done to the guard for doing his job. This is what has been lacking previously and its nice to have an efficient service at the front gate. Our son-in-law came by yesterday and they confirmed him and printed a guest pass. Patrol Masters is a definite improvement.

Pete, Tustin Ranch III

I also agree with Jamie. John had to call down to let a visitor in this week-he wanted to check to be sure the name was on our list. He remarked that the guard recognized our name right away, was very courteous and helpful. This was a very nice change.

Jordan W., Tustin Ranch III

Dont know how the rest of the Board feels, but I badly for the guard who had to endure this abuse. What an animal. While I have seen cars stacked at the gate, it illustrates the extra steps they are taking to scrutinize guests. Even some of my regulars are getting worked over at the gate- frankly I love it. My observation of the staff so far has been better than the previous company. A great weekend to all

Jim - Vice President Finance Tustin Ranch III

Hi Sammy & Doug. I just spoke to Lillian and we all wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!! Lillian has noticed a huge improvement! She stated the Guards have been very diligent and detailed on their citations. Keep up the good work! I love to hear good news from Board members ;)

Michelle K. Management Representative, Lakeridge Whittier

Im a resident at La Vista Condominiums and I called today because my car got broken into, I spoke to Louie and he was a great help. I really appreciate the support he gave me. Thank You

Michelle Z. Clubhouse

Please tell your patrol person- Great Job- for me. Ive been wanting to get that vehicle towed for quite some time, but they always seem to be a step ahead of me. Thank You.

Rosie, Arbor Park Apartments

Hello Sammy, Thank you very much for the proposal, please feel free to use me as a reference for your services.

Best Regards, Mell L. Property Manager, Villa De Euclid

The Board has approved you as their new Patrol Service Company. Let me know what info you need.

Doug W., Community Manger, Montana Del Lago

You are welcome; your work speaks for itself. An evening meeting next mid-week (after 7:30pm) will work. I am available anytime next week. I have the contract inception as May 1st 2008. Signs must be posted and ensured that all State protocols are met. The Board will relay to you what their rules are and what they would like your company to do. Let me know your availability for next week. Best Regards.

Mell L. Property Manager, Villa De Euclid

Good Work Team! I do have to agree about the directions, does the board review the PO before they are approved for use? Maybe that should be mandatory before the job is started, explaining to them the importance of having exact locations and then having them sign off. Just a thought.

Kathy M. Painted Trails Property

I am hurt that I am not on your reference list = (

Ken S., Account Manager, Village Cottages

You did a great job for this community that they elected to extend the service. God Job! That is what it is all about. SERVICE!!!!

Rich, Northwood II

Thank You so much! Sammy, you have to give Rita a raise. . . . . She has proven herself to be an amazing asset to your team!

James A., Sr. Certified Association Manager, Chino Works America