• Problem:

    • Are residents not utilizing their garages for the parking of their vehicles?
    • Are residents using guest parking spaces instead of using their garages?
    • Are your guests having problems finding a parking space when they visit you?
    • Are residents clogging the streets with their recreation vehicles or work trucks?
    • Do residents show disregard fire lanes, sidewalks and block common areas with their vehicles?
    • Do residents disregard HOA, or complex rules and bylaws?

    In many communities, residents do not use their garage spaces for parking; they use the space for everything from storage to workshops. (Usually in opposition to the CC&R's of the community.)

    Moving their vehicles into the open or street parking, reducing parking that would otherwise be used for guests, roommates or other residents with more than one vehicle. This often times creates harsh feelings between neighbors, due to inappropriate use of garages.

    If you answer yes to any of the above, please read on. You are not unique when it comes to this problem; therefore, we develop the perfect solution. Our Parking Permit Program, and enforcement.

    Sincerely, Marty Wexler President Seaside Village
  • Solution(s):

    Patrol Masters will carefully guide you through the process of establishing an effective and simple Parking Permit Program to encourage residents to use their garages appropriately and to create plentiful guest parking.

    This program will be tailored, based on your input and our recommendations, to fit your need and association lay out.

    Patrol Masters will handle everything from designing the permit letter, which explains how it works, to garage inspections, if necessary, to handing out/mailing permits, to qualified applicants. This will save the association's Board as well as the Community Manager from having to deal with this issue, since we are well aware that they have other most important issues on their plate to deal with than parking permits.

    Garage Inspections are also conducted as deemed necessary to ensure homeowners are utilizing their garages Patrol Masters is a proven, established expert on Parking Enforcement issues.


All of the following is provided by Patrol Masters, which is included in the price of this program:

  • All decals at no cost.
  • Database design and maintenance to facilitate tracking of all issued decals, all registered vehicles, citation history, and tow history.
  • A suggested letter to residents explaining the Parking Permit Program will be provided to your property manager. She/he may amend this letter as necessary and mail it to all residents.
  • All transactions after the mailing of the letter to residents will be the obligation of Patrol Masters, thus, relieving Board Members and the property manager of the workload associated with this program.
  • If the association has towing procedure in place for any violation, proper towing signs in accordance with CVC 22658, will be provided & posted at no cost.
  • A manned dispatch center for 24/7 customer service.

CONTACT US for customize quote for your property:

TIP : Many associations off-set all or part of the cost of parking enforcement and Parking Permit Programs by charging those who need permits an annual fee for each permit. Their rationale is supported by their premise that those who have excess or oversize vehicles should bear, at least, a part of the cost for a program which accommodates them. While there is no true "rule of thumb" when it comes to pricing, we have seen typical cases of $100.00 to $500.00 per year per permit.

This program is cost effective and will be tailored to fit most associations. We will guarantee the results and the successes of this program.

The following are suggestions, comments and questions addressed to the Property Manager and or the Board to answer, which are very important, in order to draft the proper and tailored permit Program:


1. Designate all outside parking as Guest Parking.

2. Designate the times during which restricted Guest Parking will be in place.
(Midnight to 6:00 a.m.) Main reason behind this designation is due to the fact that most legitimate guests leave before midnight, therefore, we are trying to target actual violators and not legitimate guests.

3. Allow only the following to be parked in Guest Parking:

a. Guest vehicles.

b. Resident vehicles which display a valid Parking Permit.

4. Designate the number of times a guest vehicle may be parked in the community (10 times in 180 days) after midnight. The main reason behind this designation is to eliminate violators who pretend to be guests from safelisting their own vehicles without being caught. With the 10 days in 180, even if they try to abuse the system and rotate multiple vehicles, eventually, they will get caught once they run out of allowable safelist days. In cases where a legitimate guest will be staying more than the allowable days, then a request to the Board for approval will be provided for their decision to make an exception and extend the safelist beyond the 10 days for any particular vehicle.

Please send this back with your answers to Patrol Masters so we can start drafting your new tailored permit program. Once it's drafted, a copy will be emailed to the Property Manager for approval.
Current clients:

We administer parking permit program to over 150 communities.

If you are a resident requesting a current parking permit application specific to your property , please email us @ and we will email you the most updated permit letter and application.